Our Structure and Operational Expenses Explanition

Our Structure and Operational Expenses Explanition2018-12-11T07:36:52+00:00


The World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® (WCCCC®) structure is very simple. We are the owner of the Trade Marked name and more and we license clubs and organizations to host the WCCCC® event(s) each year using our name. Presently The WCCCC® does not actually manage any of the events.

The details of World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® are as follows;

    1. It is Federally Trade Marked name; World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® (commonly called the MARK) and all it variations. The federal law does not allow the mixing or rearranging of the words in anyway that may confuse the public. No one can use this name (Mark) or any variation without our written consent or they will violate federal law and suffer a large fine and a possible aggressive lawsuit. We are represented by legal counsel on the Trade Mark.
    1. It is incorporated as the World Championship Coyote Calling Contest®, LLC. in Arizona. There is a non-paid President and a non-paid Vice President and no other Board members listed. There is an Advisory Board though made up of volunteer (non paid) industry professionals (in their field), hunters and non-hunters who are experts in their specific field, ,  and coyote calling enthusiasts. The WCCCC® is represented by legal counsel on the incorporation and in general.
    1. The WCCCC® has received a Federal Tax Identification number under the name World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® from the Internal Revenue Service.
    1. The WCCCC® has applied for an Arizona Sales Tax license using the name World Championship Coyote Contest®.
    1. The website name World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® and many different variations is secure for ten (10) years and renewable for another ten (10) years.
    1. The FaceBook page World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® is secure.
    1. A licensed CPA setup and then prepares all financial reports for the accounts and records for the World Championship Coyote Contest® for tax purposes.   All is legal and straight forward as required by law.
  1. We use a large law firm in Tucson, Arizona for all of our legal needs.


What does it take to operate the worlds most prestigious coyote calling event?  We pride ourselves in providing our members with the most interesting, challenging, and entertaining event of its kind.  To do that it takes a lot of planning, preparations, and execution possible.  The following will give you an idea of what it takes to bring the members a great event each year.

HOW IT ALL WORKS– In the WCCCC® we count on a return on investment (time and expenses) from this great event. Our return comes  from the sale of the auction items and merchandise.  By selling auction items and merchandise we are able to use more of the entry fees for prizes.  We use sponsorship funds first for operational costs.  We also use revenue from auction money for our costs.  No one in the event gets paid a wage or keeps any money for personal profit.  Much of the auction funds at the end of the evening is held over for incoming bills like the polygraph services, deposits for next year, and replacement of sold merchandise.  All expenses, revenue, and similar are reported on state and federal income taxes each year. Please be generous  and join in on the auctions and buy the merchandise to help the event to continue.

Overhead Expenses These are the costs to fully operate this great event each year. No one in the World Championships nor anyone associated with its operation except paid contractors receives any compensation for their support or services.   This event is not profitable but does retain carry over funds to pay deposits and late arriving bills each year. These expenses, on a percentage basis, remain about the same each year no matter how many members participant in the event(s).  The various expense categories include;

A. Banquet- The great annual banquet costs about the same each year but will vary from provider to provider.  We do not serve the members pizza, Sub sandwiches, or fried chicken to go.   Deposits are often required.  Payment is due at the end of the banquet on the spot. Deposits are often required.  No one so far has offered to donate the buffet.

B. Facilities The facilities we try to keep as nice but as affordable as possible.  The location of the facility makes a great difference in costs.  This is generally our single largest cost.  Deposits and insurance are now required.  No one so far has offered to donate the facilities. Full payment for the facilities are always due up front.  Even though there is little activity on Friday we are always charged something for leaving the room(s) setup.  It is never free.  Insurance is required by all public facilities now.  This is a new expense.

          1. Cleaning Deposit All public facilities require a Cleaning Deposit now.  The deposit is not returned until the facility is inspected and it is           agreed that the facility was left clean.  The renting facility has all the power in how much if any the deposit is returned. Most cleaning deposits are at least $150.00 to $500.00 each year.

          2. Facility rules All public and most private facilities have use rules like no smoking or no illegal non prescription drugs.  All public facilities       state in the rental agreement that there shall be no illegal activities conducted on their property.  Gambling is illegal for example.  Consumption           of liquor in public is generally illegal.  If the facility owners determine that something illegal was conducted on their property they will expel the           renters immediately and keep all of the security deposit.  Great care is required when renting and using someone else’s property.

          3. Law Enforcement–  In some locations the public facility owners require the use of local law enforcement if liquor is offered at the event.  The event must pay for the law enforcement services.  There are generally no options either.

C. Security For the past three years we have had security on site.  Twice we paid for it and once is was with well meaning volunteers.  We have found that the paid uniformed security was the most successful.  Our participants have tens of thousands of dollars in equipment in their vehicles and have reported to the World Championships that they feel far more comfortable having security on site to look after their property.  The security also prevents those that are not in the event to not enter or in the case of an issue they will assist is asking someone to leave.

D. Rental Equipment Since the event is mobile all of the required equipment, tools, and prizes are kept in Dragoon, Arizona.  Different than in the past were home town hosting clubs did not have to transport very far.  Now a covered secure trailer is required along with a truck to pull the trailer to the event.  Rental fees for the trailer and fuel is required for the truck and is an expense.  Generally we have to rent the public address equipment too.

E. Travel, food, and lodging expenses Since the World Championships is a traveling event there are expenses for the operating crew each year.  Some of the crew cover their own travel expenses to and from the event.  Some contractors like the polygraph service may require lodging, travel, and food expenses to be reimbursed.  It varies from location to location.  The main operating crew is required to arrive well in advance of the start of the event to make all arrangements, do the setup, and prepare for the start of the event.   Generally their travel, lodging, and food is paid for by the event.

Additionally sight visits for meetings and location reviews for planning purposes are required prior to the event.  Meetings with the Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, Chamber of Commerce, the Mayor, and the facility owners are common.  The selection of a food vendor(s) for the banquet must be made along with arranging all lodging needs.  Those travel expense must be covered.  Generally only one trip is required.  Sometimes more though.

F. Professional services- The Veterinarian or Veterinarian Technicians and the polygraph services all require payments for their services.  Legal services are required from time to time and must be paid.  Certified Public Accountant services are required each year and require payment. On site firearms transfers by federal BATFE guidelines is required for all firearms won, purchased, or presented at the event.   There are no exceptions.  Generally each year there is a fee charged by a local Federal Firearms License holder to do the firearms transfers for the World Championships.  The fee can vary but it averages about $25.00 to $50.00 per firearm.  The World Championships generally pays that fee.  Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® receives all the firearms for the World Championships but does not charge a fee for that service.  It is part of their sponsorship each year.

Other professional service expenses include;

  1. Bank monthly fees for checking account
  2. Credit card service fees for transactions
  3. Internet service fees
  4. Website administration, updates, and hosting monthly fees. (GoDaddy etc.)
  5. Envelopes and postage for paying bills
  6. Computer programming services for specialized programs for the event
  7. Trademark and copy right servicing fees
  8. Incorporation maintenance fees (if any)

G. Signage, printing, mailings, copying services– The professional signs, banners, printed forms, notices, and more all must be paid for. In 2017 for example the World Championships had 13,000 copies made to support the event.  Copies were the Disclaimers, Rule Books, and other similar forms necessary each year to operate the event.  The event averages more than 2,500 mailings that go out each year for contacts with sponsors and invitations to members for the upcoming events.  That includes envelops, copies, and postage. No labor is charged.

H. Equipment For the most part most of the small equipment is rented with the facility.  Table and chairs generally come with the facility.  But additional equipment is required to successfully operate this great event.  For the sponsors support a banner structure has been purchased.  Additional tables and chairs used for the Check In area are required and most facilities do not allow their equipment taken outside.  As mentioned we are often required to rent the public address system. Buying rotary drawing drums and more.  It adds up quickly.

I. Other expenses- There are many smaller but necessary expenses each year to conduct this great event.  They include-

  1. Mouth Bands- We try and find a sponsor each year for this expense- Arizona Ammunition, LLC. does it currently.
  2. Merchandise- Purchasing hats, shirts, stickers, pens, and more.
  3. Name tags- We try and find a sponsor each year for this expenseCurrently we have a sponsor for these expenses.
  4. Auctioneer Services- Currently we pay an auctioneer for his services each year.
  5. Computer and printer supplies

J. Borrowed equipment- It is necessary for the World Championships to borrow some equipment in order to successfully operate.  Presently the World Championships does not have the funds to pay for the equipment themselves. Equipment like;

  1. Presentation projector- Borrowed from Arizona Ammunition, LLC.®
  2. Projector large screen- Borrowed from Arizona Ammunition, LLC.®
  3. Storage container and shelving- Borrowed from Arizona Ammunition, LLC.®
  4. Sign holders- Borrowed from Arizona Ammunition, LLC.®
  5. Computers and printers- Borrowed from Arizona Ammunition, LLC.®
  6. Office supplies- a great many office supplies are provide to the World Championships at no charge by Arizona Ammunition, LLC.®
  7. Office space- currently the World Championships is provided shared office space with Arizona Ammunition, LLC.®
  8. Telephone and fax services- Currently Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® provides these services for the event.

We hope by providing this information each member better understands what all the funds are used for and why.  Please remember that the World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® is a private business.  Our financial information is private just like any other business that is not publicly traded.