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as of  07/25/2017

The World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® (WCCCC®) is an official U.S. Patent and Trade Mark Office name and cannot be used without written permission of the owners.  All of our written material and this website are copyrighted and requires written permission to use any part of it.  Please honor our legal rights as we will take action to protect it.  Please note that ALL telephone calls are recorded for our protection.  We are represented by Mr. Luke Brean, Brean Law Offices if you have any questions we are represented by Mr. Luke Brean, Esquire at;

Luke Brean, Esq.
BreanLaw Trademark Law Firm, Portland, Oregon

Our federal registration number is 4,631,805

Additionally the WCCCC® Has the following in place;

1. Federal Employer Tax Identification number.

2. Arizona Sales Tax License.

3. Incorporated as an LLC. in Arizona under the same name.

4. We own many variations of the website name- World Championship Coyote Calling Contest®.

5. We have a FACEBOOK page.

6. LEGAL COUNCIL- We are represented by legal council in all of our operations.

7. ACCOUNTING SERVICES- Andrew TerryImage result for image of Andrew Terry Accounting services-Willcox

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