Our History

Our History2017-02-14T22:42:14+00:00

The World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® (WCCCC®) has a long and varied history.coyote-1106552__180
As far as we can tell it is the oldest continuous Coyote calling contest in the United States (27 years). It appears that we are just one (1) year older than the prestigious National Coyote Calling Contest held in Wyoming.  We totally support that great event too. See them at www.nationalcoyotecallingchampionship.com. We support the Midwest Coyote Calling Event too. They can be seen at www.midwestcoyotecallingevent.com.

It is not clear at this time exactly who started the WCCCC® but we know that Mr. Bill Countess of Cortez, Colorado was among the ones that started did.  Bill was a instrumental in forming all of the policies, procedures, rules, format, and more of this now great event.  Bill recalls the modest start and watched the event grow and grow.

The event has the highest level of integrity in the industry. We follow all required rules, polices, guidelines, and  practices at all times.  The WCCCC® does tolerate anyone who violates any laws of any kind including traffic laws.  We are respectful to all persons we encounter at all times.  More to come!