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updated 02/08/2019

The World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® (WCCCC®) organization is a private members only organization.  Membership is by invitation only. NONE OF OUR MEETINGS, ACTIVITIES, EVENTS, AND ETC. ARE NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (non-members).  THE PUBLIC WILL BE TURNED AWAY!   All of our activities, events, meetings, and etc. has paid security who will screen everyone trying to enter the activity. If you have been accepted into the WCCCC® in the past 29 years and have not been expelled,  you are welcome to submit and application for membership again. Not a current or former member? See the details on how to get invited on this site under the Members Info section 

The WCCCC® holds different events, activities, meetings, and gathering each year- here in after called activities.  The activities are for current members only.  No exceptions!  They are not open to the public either. Details of where, what time,  and when the activity will be held and more in depth details will only be provided to current members who complete a specific registration form for that specific activities.

Information on the next  2018 activity-

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  1. Not all of our activities require registration but most do.
  2. Our largest annual member activity will be held in Utah this year  (2018).
  3. Additional activity details are only given by direct contact to us by a completed registration form, email (members only, letter (members only), or telephone call (members only and all calls are recorded). Again; We do not disclose the exact location of the activity to anyone except approved members who have registered.  Please do not ask if you are not a member or have not registered.
  4. Again if you are not a current WCCCC® member and have not registered for the event you will NOT be given any details.
  5. For more information please call 520-586-2582. (all calls are recorded) 

a. Activity Registration  Forms is now available on this site. You will be able to print the PDF form.  We hope to have both activity registration forms and membership applications will be on line soon.  For now ALL activity registrations forms and membership applications must be mailed to us.

b.  False Information; If the WCCCC® finds that you have misrepresented yourself in anyway, put false statements on any part of the Membership Application form or any activity registration forms or flat out lied to us you will be expelled and you will forfeit your entire membership fee and registration fee.  No exceptions and we are damn serious about it!


a. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION and/or REGISTRATION form(s) must be totally completed-leave NOTHING blank (pdf) OR IT WILL BE REJECTED.

b. AGAIN FOR 2017 there is the requirement for completing the MEMBER BIOGRAPHY FORM (PDF) for information on the yourself and it is critical.  You MUST provide as much information as possible. Being brief is NOT to your advantage and your application may be rejected.

c. MEMBERSHIP OR ACTIVITY FEE WORKSHEET (pdf)– Please include it with your  application or registration forms.  No exception

7. Print the Membership Application Form (PDF), Activity Registration Forms(PDF),  and the Entry Fee Worksheet (PDF) and complete every part of each. Incomplete forms WILL be rejected.  Do not assume you will be getting any Forms in the U.S. mail. That includes Membership Application , Biography form, Activity Worksheet Form(s).

      8. First time membership applications- If you are applying for the first time using our membership referral procedure please provide as much information as possible to help us decide if you qualify to be a member. Click on Entry Form/Application Forms.

      9. Membership Qualifications upgrade- You will see from time to time that we are upgrading our required membership qualifications and we hope you agree.  After all it is the World Championships and we must maintain the highest standards.

     10. Annual renewal and new Membership application required dates.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! It may take us as much as 3 weeks to totally process a NEW application.  Renewal membership applications will go much faster.

a. Paid Annual Renewal Membership Fee- $167.50 (one person) (it is important to look at the discount section) click here

b. Paid Annual New Membership Fee- $167.50 (it is important to look at the discount section) click here


d. Discount for renewing membership- deduct $12.50-

e. Discount for returning World Champions- (that means you have won the activity) deduct $12.50

f. Discount for returning member that recruits a new member(s) at the same time of their renewal-deduct $12.50 per new approved member. That includes your regular hunting partner. NOTICE- Please note that you can sign up a new member(s) under your recommendation any time during the year and receive you $12.50 discount.  If you have already paid your membership fee we will refund you back $12.50 for each new approved member you bring.  Please keep them coming as we want and need more members!

g. Discount for Triple Crown Winner-(Must be verified-provide proof)- deduct $12.50 from membership fee if you have won the Triple Crown that includes the following event;  Nationals, The Midwest, and the WCCCC® coyote events.

h. Discount for WCCCC® Board of Advisor members- $100.00 (per member)

i. Discount for auctioneer services- $100.00 (one person)

This means as much as a $250.00 discount of the base membership fee

12. Favorite Membership Number-  There is a special $10.00 fee if you want to reserve a favorite or special membership number.   You will be guaranteed that membership number as long as you pay for it at the time of your renewal or approved new membership.

13 Our largest activity date-World Championships will be on its long standing original date- As usual it will be the first weekend in December. To be held on  Thursday , Friday  and Saturday . The latest member Registration for this great activity will be until Thursday November 29th. Location, start time, and more will be provided to approved entries.

8. Payments for Membership and any additional activities can be made by check, with cash, or by credit cards.

IMPORTANT!  Our past participants mailing lists and email address are not up to date and not really well organized.  If you have been in a past WCCCC® member and want to receive the newsletter, enter the events, or just be on the list PLEASE contact us by telephone or email to be sure you are included.  The most current information we have to date is a list from Cortez, Elko, Williams, Holbrook, and Belen but we have errors and omissions in them. DO NOT ASSUME THAT YOU ARE GOOD TO GO!  Contact us to be sure!

NEW THIS YEAR- Please check the Referral Policy section of this site for methods to be accepted. We have set the highest standards for our event. Please know that all participants are required to answer very specific and pointed questions to be considered for this great event. If you have been in the event in the last 29 years and were not expelled you are automatically approved.  No referral required.

REQUIRED QUESTIONS FOR ALL MEMBERS- ALL persons being consider for MEMBERSHIP this year must respond to the following questions in detail;

    1. Have you ever been adjudicated (convicted) or has adjudication been withheld for a misdemeanor or felony in a province, tribal, state or federal/national court for a game law violation?
    2. Have you ever been adjudicated (convicted) or has adjudication been withheld for a misdemeanor or felony in a province, tribal, state or federal/national court for the illegal possession or use of a weapon or firearm?
    3. Have you ever been adjudicated (convicted) or has adjudication been withheld for a misdemeanor or felony in a province, tribal, state or federal/national court for a crime involving moral turpitude?
    4. Have you ever been adjudicated (convicted) or has adjudication been withheld for a misdemeanor or felony in a province, tribal, state or federal/national court for a crime involving animal cruelty?
    5. Have you ever been adjudicated (convicted) or has adjudication been withheld for a misdemeanor or felony in a province, tribal, state or federal/national court for a crime involving domestic violence?
    6. Are you a convicted felon?
    7. Are you a fugitive from justice?
    8. Are you an illegal alien?
    9. Are you or any member of your family a current or past member of an animal rights activist organization?
    10. Do you represent currently or in the past represented any animal rights activist organization?
    11. Have you ever been disqualified from any predator or coyote calling contest in the past?

You can guess what our response will be if your answer is “YES” to any of these questions without a credible explanation!

10. EXPLANATIONS- The World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® will accept any written explanation, official papers, or any material that will help clarify your response to any of these questions.  In some cases the WCCCC® will conduct personal and confidential verbal interviews to give the applicant an opportunity to clarify his/her answer to each question. We work hard to be fair.

11. The World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® is an official U.S. Patent and Trade Mark Office name and cannot be used without written permission of the owners.  All of our written material and this website are copyrighted and requires written permission to use any part of it.  Please honor our legal rights. THAT MEANS YOU CAN NOT SHOW ANY PICTURES OF ANYTHiNG IN A PUBLICATION, ON THE INTERNET, OR ON ANY SOCIAL MEDIA THAT INCLUDES OUR TRADEMARKED NAME WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION!