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as of 02/08/2019

See our new printable PDF Newsletter under the “Contact Us” then the sub-section!

All of us at the World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® (WCCCC®) are proud of our work and what we do.   We would like to hear from you too.   You can contact us by the following methods;

  1. Office telephone number- 775-397-7570– 9am to 5pm Nevada time Monday through Friday.
  1. Our Email for general,
  1. Mailing address- 600 Western Hills #10, Spring Creek, Nevada 89815

The World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® is an official U.S. Patent and Trade Mark Office name and cannot be used without written permission of the owners.  All of our written material and this website are copyrighted and requires written permission to use any part of it.  Please honor our legal rights as we will take action to protect it.  Please note that ALL telephone calls are recorded for our protection.  We are represented by Mr. Luke Brean, Brean Law Offices if you have any questions. Mr. Luke Brean, Esquire at; If you need trademark services please contact Mr. Brean.



Our various website contacts are;

For a listing of all Coyote Calling Contests all across America use the great website- logo coyote-938482__180

We support them 100%!


We would like to thank all the providers of the drawings, graphics, and photographs used on our site.  We are pleased to provide the name of the author of any of the drawings, graphics, and photographs if requested or not already shown.  Just let us know.  We do respect the author’s desire to remain anonymous too.