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Updated 6/11/2018- The World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® (WCCCC®) works with all types of hunting, shooting, outdoor, sporting clubs, and other wildlife organizations across America. It is important to the WCCCC® to have these relationships as these clubs and organizations are the participants and  area hosts of the Championships each year.  These clubs and organizations welcome the WCCCC®  to their area, welcome the participants and aid the area ranchers, farmers, and citizens in coyote control for two years.  Some of the organizations include;

1. Arizona Predator Callers –

2. Mohave Sportsmans Club (Arizona)- 

3. Arizona Trappers Association – On

4. Arizona Deer Association – 

5. Southwest Fur Harvesters (Arizona)-

6. Great Basin Predator Callers (Nevada) (email only)

7. Cortez- (Colorado)

8. National Coyote Calling

9. Wyoming Best of the Best Calling Contest-

10. Southern Arizona Predator Callers-

11. San Diego Predator Callers-

12. Southern Illinois Coyote Calling Contest-


 Arizona Deer Association