What We Don’t Recommend

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The World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® (WCCCC®) has strong feeling on a few coyote calling techniques,coyote-948799_960_720 practices, and actions that should not be taken. First we must discuss each hunters individual actions before we talk about equipment, techniques, and tools. They include;

  1. Never Trespass! Never Trespass! Never Trespass!
  2. Never-Never commit, participate, or even witness an act of animal cruelty as defined by the law!
    1. Report immediately all acts of animal cruelty as defined by the law.
  3. Never- ever commit any game violations of any kind! Turn yourself in if need be!
  4. Never be rude or uncooperative to law enforcement or Game and Fish personnel-even if they are wrong at the time. Work it out later with a supervisor or in court.
  5. Never use any animal(s) as a live decoy (excluding trained decoy dogs of course).
  6. Never harm any animal(s) to cause them to make distress sounds for any reason.
  7. Never use and poisons or chemicals that can be harmful to any animal(s).
  8. Never intentionally cause harm to any animal(s) in captivity for any reason.
  9. Never break any traffic laws while coyote calling or hunting.
  10. Never break any civil or criminal laws while coyote calling or hunting!
  11. Never be rude or uncooperative to any landowners or land managers-even if they are wrong at the time-work it out later.
  12. Never feed coyotes in a residential area for any reason.


  1. Never use a motorized vehicle to injure or kill a coyote.
  2. Never use illegal devices as defined by the law to subdue coyotes!
  3. Never use live animals of any type to lure coyotes.
  4. If you accidently harm an unintended target turn yourself in and tell the truth about what happened.
  5. Never use illegal devices (as defined by the law) to subdue coyotes; full auto firearms, drones, and similar.