The Bad They Do

The Bad They Do2017-02-14T22:42:14+00:00


The World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® (WCCCC®) values the contribution that coyote-593160__180
the amazing coyote provides in natures balance. But, we also know that humans are part of natures balance too. It is part our job to be sure that nature stays in balance, to help nature stay in balance. And we know that humans have not acted responsibly in the past with over zealous actions like the removal of thousands, no tens of thousands of American Bison. Not our finest hour for sure.

But well intending conservationist, perhaps misguided too, want all humans and
all creatures on earth to live in harmony. A noble goal for sure, one that any responsible human would want to achieve.   Yet nature has shown that it (she) never intended that goal since the beginning of life on this planet. It is well documented that in the various ages there have always been predators that only survive by killing and eating others. The pursuer and the pursued. Some unrealistic humans want to change that but frankly it is not in natures plan.

Consider the Great White Shark, the majestic African lion, the American cougar, the wolf, the fox, the America Eagle, thecoyote-948795__180 African hyena, the common domestic dog, the common house cat, all snakes, and so on. All are meat eaters, no salads for them. They all kill for a living. Our household family pet quickly regains it beginning and kills when it has too.   All of them!

So natures plan for balance includes humans to do a certain job. To do a responsible job too; to help keep the balance. To control insects, manage water resources, control rodents along with many other predators, to understand how to apply the proper actions required to keep the balance too. Sure we all would like to live in harmony but that is not real today, perhaps in the future; not likely though.

So we come to the magnificent ultimate survivor the American coyote. Frankly it is an honor to experience this wonderful creature of nature.   This professional killer who does a great deal of good when properly controlled and monitored, controlled and monitored by humans. Yep we humans have to do it to insure the future for all creatures. Disease does some control but not enough and no ones favorite way for anything to be controlled either. Coyotes do not know about running out of resources, fox-88956__180out of food, or water, or anything; no they do what they do best; kill and eat until it is all gone! And when there are too many of them they over consume, expand, and become a serious threat to humans.

There are 3,806,000 square miles in the United States of America. Consider the following; wolf-690102_960_720If there is just one coyote per square mile in the U.S. that would total 3,806,000 coyotes! Yep that is three million eight hundred six thousand coyotes.

Lets be conservative and say there is 1 coyote for every 10 square miles.   That would total 308,600 total coyotes in the U.S.

But this is flawed figuring. According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle they reported “There are as many as 700,000 coyotes in the state, according to the California Cattlemen’s Association, citing Fish and Wildlife estimates.”   That it 4.3 coyotes per square mile!

Now lets figure 4.3 coyotes per square mile nation wide and that would total of 16,365,600. So this makes the estimate of 3,806,000 nation wide pretty real!

Another newspaper report says there are now coyotes in all 100 counties in North Carolina. I 1980 or so it was thought that there were no coyotes east of the Mississippi!

According to the Audubon Society there are 400,000 coyotes killed each year in America and they are
still “flourishing”. The article calls coyotes “the ultimate survivor”. There is no shortage of coyotes in the United States. We do not know where this estimate comes from though.