Save the Coyote?

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updated 07/29/2017

coyote-936708__180The World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® (WCCCC®) organization and all the members has the highest respect for the wiley coyote.   In fact we love them and we sure do not feel in anyway that they should be eradicated from the Western Hemisphere!   But, we know from extensive “hands on” experience that they must be monitored and controlled.  It is a balancing act for sure!

Unfortunately there are miss guided and miss informed groups,   organizations, and well meaning people that think the coyote is in some kind of jeopardy and they are not. They are not endangered in anyway. In fact the only one “in danger” are humans as coyotes expand their range, grow wiser to humans, and continue to kill and eat everything!

Unfortunately there are groups that have even suggested that the clever coyote should be on the endangered species list! That is absurd of course. Hunters, automobiles, natures diseases, and more have failed to even slow down the growth and expansion of the magnificent coyote. They are the ultimate survivor and will likely out last humans!

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