Rules, Policies & Procedures

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as of; 07/25/2017

The World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® (WCCCC®) is a prestigious private organization and membership is by invitation only. (See required referral information on this site if you want to join) Our activities are not open to the public. Our members are best skilled coyote chasers in the world. Therefore we do not publish the rules, regulations, results, fees (if any), prizes (if any), or anything about the organization itself or its members without their permission. If you are a member you will receive a copyrighted printed copy of the rules. Be assured they are the most detailed and complete rules and regulations of any coyote calling organization today.

You must follow ALL local, area, regional, state, and federal laws and policies at all times while a member!  Violate them and you are OUT FOREVER!

PLEASE KNOW THE FOLLOWING;  If the WCCCC® finds that you have misrepresented yourself in anyway, put false statements on any part of the Membership Application, or flat out lied you will be expelled and you will forfeit your entire membership fee.  No exceptions and we are damn serious about it!

Each “loaned” member rule book is numbered and accounted for and since it is copyrighted it may not be reproduced in anyway. Members receiving a “loaned” WCCCC® rule book who violate our copyright and our specific rule to not share the copyrighted publication with anyone outside the event will be permanently expelled from the organization. You must return or surrender your “loaned” Rule Book upon demand too.

It is important to know that our rules generally have no appeal process either.  If you break them it is over.  This private professional organization with its own rules.