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updated 07/27/2017

As with any membership and organizations activity that includes rules and procedures there can be updates on a periodic basis to help improve the event, clarify, or address issues. In WCCCC® has provided the most detailed copyrighted Rule Book in the industry. Please study it closely. Your lack of knowledge of the rules is not acceptable to address a violation. Break a rule and you are OUT!

PLEASE KNOW THE FOLLOWING;  If the WCCCC® finds that you  have misrepresented yourself in anyway, put false statements on any part of the Membership Application, or flat out lied you will be expelled and you will forfeit your entire membership fee.  No exceptions and we are damn serious about it!

Here is a list of the important changes to the rules and procedures reminders for 2017 Violations will/may result in disqualification of your membership. ALL CIVIL AND CRIMINAL LAWS OF EACH AREA MUST BE FOLLOWED.

  1. BAIT STATIONS- By legal take only as describe per state or sovereign nation policy law. No legally taken animals may be taken using the aid of any bait, bait station, or animal carcass that was placed by the member or by anyone else to aid the contestants in this event. This does not include mechanical decoys, scents, or similar. No live decoys allowed reguardless of area laws.
    1. The exception will be if the bait station or carcass(s) is unknown to the member(s) at the time of the take and only discovered after the take is retrieved. Upon discovering the bait station or carcass the member(s) MUST NOT take any additional take animals directly from that location during the event. The member(s) must travel at least ¼ mile away from the discover bait station or carcass(s) before calling coyotes again.
    2. If there is a discovery prior to take, of a found bait station or carcass (not intentionally made for or by the member(s)) no coyotes maybe called and taken with in ¼ mile of it/them. No exception allowed.

Member(s) can be sure that this will be a question on the polygraph test! It is best to record the information in your log for reference and if there are any questions.

  1. FRIDAY NIGHT MANDATORY CALL IN- EVERYONE WILL CALL-IN NO MATTER WHAT EXCUSE IS GIVEN.  BEING OUT OF CELLULAR RANGE IS NOT AN EXCEPTABLE EXPLAINATION. Member(s) will not longer be given “take” information of other member(s) during the call-in.   PLEASE DO NOT ASK “TAKE” AMOUNTS WHEN YOU CALL IN. We encourage all member(s) to return to the Banquet to see the final results, awards, PRESENTATIONS,  and door prizes. You never know what you might win! All require that you be present to win too.
  2. WITNESS CONTEST RULE VIOLATIONS Each member(s) is/are responsible for knowing and following ALL the rules and policies of the WCCCC®. In the case of a member(s) that witnesses another member(s) violating ANY of the WCCCC® rules or policies they are required to report what they witness to WCCCC® officials immediately before the end of the activity. The member(s) identity will be kept confidential in ALL cases. Never revealed! If a witnessing member(s) fails to report observations of a violation that member(s) can be disqualified for not doing so.
  3. VIOLATIONS OF THE LAW Any member(s) that violates any law (including traffic) that they receive a citation for is required to report it to the WCCCC® officials upon check-in of the activity. The WCCCC® will determine if the violation requires disqualification from the event or a warning. Failure to report such incidents will result in disqualification immediately.
  4. VIOLATIONS OF THE GAME LAWS- The violation of ANY Game Laws by any member(s) will/can result in disqualification from the WCCCC®. Time will be allowed if the violator pursues their right to dispute the citation in a presiding Court of Law in a timely manner.   Final out come from the Court of Law must be submitted to the WCCCC® for review and consideration of necessary action required.
  5. NO PHOTOGRAPHS- The WCCCC® is a private event and under the control of the WCCCC® at all times. At no time shall there be any photographs taken of the total take of the event. Or any photographs of large numbers of legally taken animals taken.
  6. NO PHOTOGRAPHS ON INTERNET- No photographs that include dead animals of any kind can be placed on the world wide web (internet) and any social media that includes any reference to the official Federally Trade Marked Name of the World Championship Coyote Calling Contest®.

         a. Individual teams may take photographs of their teams take only. Those photographs may not be published on any social media or website for any reason with dead animals in the photograph(s) and include the Federally Trade Marked name of the World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® associated with the picture! You will loose your membership to the WCCCC®

         b. Photographs may be taken at the Banquet of the winners as long as the photographer has ALL the persons in the photographs (s) permission. A violation may result in your loosing your membership in the WCCCC®.

         c. No Photographs maybe taken of the Scoring Board. You WILL loose your membership in the WCCCC®.

6. NO DISPLAY OF “TAKE” ANIMALS WHILE IN TRANSPORT ON A VEHICLE   OR IN ANYWAY DURING EVENT- No members or contractors may transport legally taken animals or any other animal that will be in plain sight of the general public during or after the official member activity. The greatest care MUST be taken at all times to conceal the taken animals from sight of the general public. Violation of this rule can result in disqualification of the member(s).

         a. Put them in a box or barrel

         b. Cover them with a tarp that will not blow off

c. Conceal them out of sight

Judges at the check-in will inspect each returning member(s) vehicle to determine the compliance of this rule. Immediate disqualification may result if there is a violation.

7. DISPOSAL/PROPERTY OF In all cases all legally taken animals turned in at check-in at the WCCCC® become the property of the WCCCC®. Exceptions maybe granted with a request to the activity judges. A decision will be made at check-in by at least two (2) judges on site or reachable by other communications methods for a decision.

  1. Basically if a member(s) wants to keep specific legal takes  -do not bring them to the check-in or display them at check-in.
  2. Any legal takes that are disposed of MUST be property disposed of in a manner that is respectful to the take and out of sight of the general public at all times. All laws must be followed concerning the proper disposal of legal takes at all times. All identification(s) on the take(s) are to be removed and also property disposed of out of sight of the general public at ALL times. 100% harvesting of the legal takes  is recommended and desired.
  3. Violations of these rules will result in disqualification  and banning from future activities and loss of membership.

8. SOCIAL MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENTS The WCCCC® is a private event and controls all aspects of the event at all times. Nothing may appear on any social media of any kind concerning the event without the WCCCC® permission. Violation of this rule will result in expulsion from membership in the WCCCC®.

  1. For clarification purposes be consider the following-
    1. No announcement of how many legal takes for the entire activity.
    2. No Photographs of large numbers of takes.
    3. No announcement of winners without the winners permission
    4. No announcement of any participants without their specific permission.
    5. No photographs of the attendee individually or as a group without each person permission in the photograph.

9.  TRESPASSING The WCCCC® is a private organization and controls all aspects of its activities at all times. Individuals, members or not, entering any part of the event including registrations area, check-in area, banquet area, and all other areas requires specific permission from the WCCCC®. Violation(s) of the local Trespass laws will be enforced by the presiding law enforcement agency(s).  Each activity has WCCCC® hired armed security on site at all times.

10. UNINTENTIONAL TAKE; While very rare, the WCCCC® is interested in any unintentional “takes” (non-target) during the activity and will include a column asking that question.   This is a survey only and does not add to or take away from the member(s)ranking in the activity.

11. SALES TAX and other taxes- In all cases, where required, Federal, State, and Local taxes will be charged and paid on all of the activities, merchandise, and where necessary during a WCCCC® event. Federal law requires that an IRS 1099 Form be signed and submitted for each person that earns $600.00 or more. No exceptions. It is the responsibility of each person to report these “winnings” as income.

12.  GAMBLING; A reminder that we have a strict “No Gambling” policy.  See rule book for more information.


The 2017 World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® (WCCCC®) will be the biggest and best event ever! We recommend that each member(s) bring lots of extra cash this year for all the activities, merchandise, door prizes, and more. We recommend that each contestant consider bringing at least $500.00 extra this year to have some fun with.

A.VENDOR TABLES/SPACEPre-registration is required.

The WCCCC® will be allowing vendor tables for the Registration time and the Banquet (if space allows). One   6 foot or 8 foot table will be provided for each vendor at NO Charge on a first come first serve basis until space is all used. All vendors receiving a Free table will be required to donate a raffle item, door prize, prize table item, or auction item with a retail value of   at least $100.00. The item does not have to be a item the vendor sells but needs to be of interest to coyote hunters. Pre-registration is recommended. Please put your name on the item(s) so all know that you donated it.