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The WCCCC® feels that it is very important to know everything possible about our friend the coyote.  Valuable information from our participants, hunters in general, farmers, ranchers, land owners, livestock producers,  the general public, federal, state, and local public agencies, researchers, academics, students, and more are all very valuable. There has been research conducted on coyotes for 100 years.  There are 100’s of very quality academic, professional, and laymen reports written and published on the durable coyote.  This is an assembly of many of those reports.

Sadly there are many “skewed” and miss-leading and out and out false reports available too.  The WCCCC® feels that it is important that ALL reports are read and observed about the coyote; true or not.  The reason is to better understand the wonderful coyote and what claims are being made.

We courage you to look at for good information.  We support that site too.

TOP RESEARCHERS IN THE FIELD- those you can believe

  1. F. Robert Henderson-Honest
  2. Dr. Robert Timm-Honest 
  3. Dr. Guy Connolly-Honest
  4. Dr. Fredrick Knowllton-Honest

  1. Titles by: F. Robert Henderson

    Karen Lee Hollinger was born in Hays, Kansas on January 15, 1936. She grew up in Russell, Kansas. Her family is a long time American traceable back to the Mayflower. Karen’s mother, Erba, Karen’s mother raised Karen and her brother Kenneth Albert Hollinger. Karen attended the University of Kansas and Fort Hays State University in Hays Kansas. Karen and Robert were married February 10, 1957. Frank Robert Henderson was born in San Antonia, Texas; on the 13th of January 1933. His family came to America early in the 1600s. Following 1933 the family moved often. In 1944 the family settle in Wichita, Kansas. After graduating from Wichita East High School in 1951, Robert attended Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas; where he earned an Bachelor and a Master’s Degree in 1956. In 1959 he attended the University of Kansas; in Lawrence, Kansas.
  2. S. Green, F. Robert Henderson, and Mark D. Collinge on Coyotes.

Coyotecoyote running through the snow on a hunting mission