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Please note that we will publish each members feelings on this topic if submitted to us. There are many different views to be discussed and we welcome your comments.  WCCCC®

At the World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® (WCCCC®) we have very strong feelings about all laws and animal cruelty. We do not abuse the language of the law as many do.   We follow the letter of the law from state to state, jurisdiction to  jurisdiction and require ALL of our participants to do the same. We will expel anyone that breaks the law or abuses the animal cruelty laws. Rules, policies, and laws must be from the govern body of the area and NOT a private organization, club, or an individuals personal policy. It MUST be a published official law of that governments area of control. This includes traffic laws and trespassing laws.

Hunting in America is not illegal provided each of the states hunting restrictions and requirements are met. That generally includes having a valid hunting license, properly trained according to each states laws (Hunter Safety and such), and more. You must be allowed to posses a firearm, operates a moving vehicle, and allowed to trespass where ever you are to be compliant to our policies. The WCCCC® does not accept “ignorance of the law” as an excuse for trespassing, violating a traffic or civil law, or a  game law violation. If someone is going to conduct a coyote calling activity in a given state or area he or she MUST know the laws and rules. That includes tribal areas, federal managed areas, state managed areas, community managed areas. and privately managed areas. Each may have additional rules for conducting coyote calling activities on the property they over see and those rules MUST be followed without questions.


While hunting and coyote calling is legal in all of the United States and throughout the world the WCCCC® still has additional requirements to be followed. They include;

  1. When shooting each person is to be proficient with their chosen firearm or archery equipment.
  2. When shooting each person is to use tested and effective ammunition for the planned application. This also applies to archery equipment too. Enthusing the target animal is to be fast, efficient, and effective. No exceptions.
  3. Each person is to be aware of the intended target animals anatomy and the best possible location(s) and method for quickly enthusing the target animal.
  4. At no time is it acceptable for any animal to be tortured or delayed in enthusing for any reason.
  5. Each WCCCC® participant is to be respectful and humane to all animals at all times. There is no exception.
  6. Each WCCCC® person is to respect the rights of others to express in their position of animal cruelty at all times. False statements or participation in violence will not be tolerated
  7. All WCCCC® participants have a right to protect themselves following all legal methods. Violations of the law will not be tolerated in anyway.


The WCCCC® official position on animal cruelty is that we will follow the published letter of the law of each government’sImage result for image of Animal cruelty jurisdictional area as they determine it to be. At anytime coyote calling is not a legal activity in any given area we will avoid that area. As long as coyote calling is a published legal activity we will encourage citizens of that area to enjoy the legal practice of coyote calling. Breaking the law will not be tolerated for any reason.

Any participant of any WCCCC® event who has been convicted of animal cruelty by a legal jurisdiction will be expelled from WCCCC® events, activities, involvement, and membership.


Fellow Hunters- It is one of our serious missions at the World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® (WCCCC®) to be directly involved in a non-biased, and when ever possible, “peer reviewed” research on coyotes to help accurately and scientifically manage this critical and important predator. In that effort we will be featuring research from renowned coyote scientists like Dr’s Fredrick Knowlton and Robert M Timm who’s combined research equals 80+ years of knowledge going back to mid sixties!!  They tell the truth about this wonderful, clever, and dangerous predator!

We will support, in any way we can, ongoing research in this science that, as the good Dr’s have proven over and over again, support the importance of “lethal means” of management of the coyote. As not only the most effective/proven method of predator management, but it’s certainly the most cost efficient means to curb the explosive population of Canis latrans!  All citizens in the United States benefit from this management and control.

It is our intention to prove that  hunter/naturalist gatherings such as ours is an integral part helping all organizations, researchers, colleges, educational institutions, local, state, and federal agencies uniquely understand coyotes.  At the present time it remains our view that “self regulatory management” of coyotes, in most of the drought stricken and declining prey species, is extremely dangerous to our vulnerable tropic cascade.

So how will our hunter/naturalist gatherings help?  Consider that over a two day period the WCCCC® participants provides coyote researchers with more biologically viable specimen data than in 5-10 years of ALL other means combined!  This is a key FACT, and huge benefit in our on going fight against unconscious incompetent anti spinning emotional contagion to our local, state, and federal agencies and the media!

The bottom-line; please, when ever viable, we reach out to all of you to join our effort and support ALL the agencies request(s) on getting good coyote data collection!  Because in the end it may be the only thing that allows you to continue your passion for these conservation events.  Coyotes do not self-regulate; Coyotes do a great deal of damage to wildlife, livestock, and human’s daily across America; Coyotes are needed in the ecosystem; Coyote’s are dangerous! Please join the battle for education and information, do your part, and help gather sound scientific evidence, which supports the value of hunting, conservation, and the need for the continued lethal management methodology.