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updated 02/08/2019

The World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® (WCCCC®) is a serious private organization and membership is by invitation only. Look at our membership application requirements over closely before trying to join. We only seek members with skills and high quality standards. If you have not been invited, have not been a member before (you are pre-approved automatically if you have been in one before) then  only file an membership form following the referral guidelines shown on this website. If you are totally new then again please see our guidelines for Referral requirements  to enter this great event. You might be allowed to join this year! If you  have been banned from membership in the past do not file an application as you will be rejected.

Presently the WCCCC® has one (1) event per year though more are being explored.  This event, now 31 years old and includes members of the top coyote callers in the world.  Membership requests can come for all over the world too.  Members include industry professionals, average hunters, former professional hunters, former government hunters, coyote experts, calling experts, and many more from all walks of life.

The great annual event begins on a Thursday and ends on a Saturday with a large banquet for the members, event officials, local professionals, law enforcement, and local civic leaders in attendance.  It is exciting for sure and there is no other event in the WCCCC® like it.

There are many door prizes, raffles, auctions, and give-a-ways for all the attendees too.  There are presentations, announcements, and short speeches during the banquet too. Each year a good time is had by all that attend our largest activity.  We hope to see you there.

THE 2019 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP COYOTE CALLING CONTEST® LOCATION  will be held in  Nevada. Online membership applications  are available NOW!  The event will be held on  it’s long standing original date of the FIRST WEEKEND of December.  It will be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Make your plans for time off now! We are hoping for 150 to 200 members this year!

The following check list for the Membership Application should be followed-

  1. Membership application printed from PDF and completed by each team member.
  2. Complete MEMBERSHIP WORK SHEET on fees due by the Team and send with Membership Application.
  3. Include all fees with Membership Application or call to place on credit card (online payment will be coming soon)
  4. Complete your coyote chasing Biography is required with Membership Application. No exceptions.
  5. Send in Reference letter if required with Membership Application. If you have been a a previous WCCCC® member this is not required.  You are pre-approved.

PLEASE KNOW THE FOLLOWING;  If the WCCCC® finds that you or some one you are sponsoring as a new member have misrepresented yourselves in anyway, put false statements on any part of the Membership Application, or flat out lied BOTH of your membership application or membership will be expelled and both of you will forfeit your entire membership fee.  No exceptions and we are damn serious! about it!


The World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® has made a special arrangement with the following club(s) for membership and acceptance and special fees.  They are;

  1. Arizona Predator Callers (APC) members- All current up to date members of APC will be automatically accepted in the 2017 membership with a base fee of $162.50 per member If you are not an APC member then contact The Arizona Predator Callers organization for membership arrangements.  Your membership to the WCCCC® will be verified through them too. Contact information for APC- for membership information.

Additional information on our activities will be provided to members that apply, are accepted, and pay their membership fees.  For security purposes we will not provide any information on our annual activities to non accepted and non paid members. DO NOT expect that you will automatically get a membership application each year in the mail as our mailing lists are NOT complete.  Contact us!