Annual Relocation Policy

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Revised 07/27/2017

The World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® (WCCCC®) is required to relocate at least 200 miles every two (2) years for its annual activity. The idea of this is to remove the home town advantage and require the participants to look for new locations to call coyotes. Coyote calling is already hard and requires skill and with out policy the coyote calling is an even more difficult skill .

It has been suggested that the WCCCC® be moved more toward the midwest and coyote-956689__180the East Coast of the United States and that has been considered for sure.  The difficulty remains that we require a large amount of open access land for the members to call coyotes on.  It does NOT have to be public land but accessible FREE land-any land.  We require at least 4,000,000 (million) acres of legally and FREE accessible land (any land) for our contestants that is within 50 miles of the registration location. Note that we very strictly follow each areas trespassing laws and regulations. We carefully research each areas rules, policies, laws, and regulations to be sure our members are aware of them.  It is critical that each participating member be 100% aware of those rules, policies, regulations, and laws and comply with them 100%

Why so much area? Well we know from running our event for 28 years that to accommodate our growing number of top quality skill members that is the minimum required to have enough “room” for these top rated members.  The proud and great Navajo Nation is 18 million acres for example and it can get really crowded with folks at times. The Navajo Nation has always worked cooperatively with the WCCCC® members in the past and we hope that will continue. We give them 100% respect at all times when trespassing on their sovereign nation.

The WCCCC® never dictates where the participants goes during the activity except that they have legal access; the right to trespass. That they have all required permits and authorizations in place for the places they go.  Any violations of any laws can and most likely will result in expulsion of the violators from the WCCCC®. Our member participants DO NOT VIOLATE THE LAW!

We also work with other Native American Nations like;coyote-1106552__180

  1. The Proud People of the Zuni Nation
  2. The Proud people of the White Mountain Apache Nation
  3. The proud people of the Navajo Nation
  4. We hope to be working with the Great Nation of the Hopi
  5. And many more see our section called “Places to Hunt” for more details.

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If you have an interest in having the WCCCC® in a new location any where in the United States then contact us and talk to us about it.  We will always listen to your ideas!