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updated 06/11/2018

At the World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® (WCCCC®)  we want to share our success with others.  As hunters and coyote chasers we want needy groups to know we care about them. Our members do care and support this attitude of sharing our success with the needy. We work hard search for and find to provide qualifying community group with some donation funds or an item they can sell or auction to help their cause. In some cases a group can not be located or the group provides some type of service to us for the donation.  Food service, security, facilities, or similar.   Generally we research a good qualifying group to receive  funds from us and try to present it to them at the Annual Banquet (if possible).  We often ask civic leaders like the town mayor, Chamber of Commerce, County Commission, religious leaders, and others for a suggestion or two on who qualifies for our donation.

The WCCCC® encourages local  groups and organizations to contact us and express an interest in receiving the donation.  Often these groups will provide help and support for the organization with manpower for a brief time during the Annual Banquet activities.  We encourage them to contact us early in the year so we have time to check them out and advise where we will need some help too.

DISCLAIMER- The images shown here are examples only and are not intended to say or claim that these groups support WCCCC® activities or events.

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